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Drivers must be over 25 years old, and produce a valid driving license on arrival.

Standard excess (included)

All rental vehicles have a standard third party insurance (without excess) and are insured in case of traffic accidents for approximately 90% of the replacement value of the vehicle. The client is responsible for the excess level remaining 10% during the agreed rental period.

The chosen excess level will be blocked (authorization only) on the credit card (Visa, Master Card or Diners Club) of the contact holder, which is required before hand over of the vehicle.  Please note that the excess amount will be blocked only (authorization only) and not deducted from your credit card. This authorization is automatically cancelled when the car is returned and there are no damages reported.

Beside the general exclusions, terms and conditions, with this type of insurance, glass and tire damages and are not covered and will be the responsibility of the client.

Please note that the client is always liable for the damages to the rented vehicle up to the chosen level of excess, independent of who caused the accident or who is guilty, meaning this also applicable in case the damages or accident is caused by a third party.


Damages which are not covered by the insurances:

– (burning) damage caused by cigarettes, matches and lighters
– damaged caused by walking or standing on the roof or hood
– damaged caused by rolling the car, without involvement of other party
– damaged glass or window
– damaged tire
– damage caused by driving through water
– damage caused by sandstorms
– damage of personal belongings